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  • Product 1: Official canine meals for broad breed puppies, an useful
  • Product 1: Glucosamine & Omega fatty acids encourage take healthful joints
  • Product 1: Calculated Ca:P ratio helps be apparent that healthful bone model
  • Product 1: Prebiotics (MOS) encourage promote Digestive correctly being in grownup canines
  • Product 2: Dental care Canines treats to your pet canine’s sturdy tooth
  • Product 2: Clinically confirmed to lop tartar impress-up by as so much as 80%
  • Product 2: Unfamiliar x-form & abrasive texture helps smart between tooth, useful as a festive deal with for canines
  • Product 2: deal with containing energetic substances love Zinc Sulphate & Sodium Tripolyphosphate

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