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SMART WAY CORPORATIONClick Buy Now for Updated Price. Estimated Price: ₹14,999.00

  • Entwino Assembled Desktop Computer,Intel core i5 650 3.0 GHZ Processor,H55 Motherboard, 15.1″ LED Video display,8 GB RAM, Windows 7 Trial & Living of business Trial Version
  • Entwino PC is Upright for Living of business Work, Home Work, Training, College Tasks, Computer Programming, Entertainment, Tally, Like minded with Adobe Photoshop, Corel Draw, C, C,,, Java and Other Programming, GST Utility), Succesful for Chidren & Gaming. Gt5, PubG, apex, fortnite, call for responsibility,Vehicle Bustle and so on require Exterior Graphic Card, Online Courses for Kids
  • Running Gadget and other Drivers: PC Comes with Windows 7; Last MS Living of business (Path Version) place in and Ready to Use Then again, Customer Can install Windows 7, by itself The total Required Drivers, Motherboard, LED, Wi-Fi Adaptor and so on are place in in Your PC Computer Comes with Free wi-fi Gadgets Which makes Computer to join all wi-fi gadgets wirelessly, Computer might per chance well even be connected with Speaker, Printer, wi-fi, Headset, Cell, tablet and so on
  • PC is honest for administrative heart work, home work, training, college projects, computer programming, entertainment, tally, compatible with adobe photoshop, corel blueprint, c, c++, java and other programming, gst software. Computer comes with wi-fi gadgets which makes computer to join all wi-fi gadgets wirelessly, computer might per chance well even be connected with speaker, printer, wi-fi, headset, cell, tablet and so on”
  • Computer comes with all Parts Assembled & Windows 7 (Trial Version), Microsoft Living of business(Trial Version). Place in. Other Driver of Motherboard, wifi Adaptor and so on are also Place in. Customer wishes to honest Join the Vitality Cable, VGA Cable, Keyboard and Mouse with Vitality Present. (Ready to Use). The

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