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MINCERFIT INDIAClick Buy Now for Updated Price. Estimated Price: ₹208.00 (₹208.00 / count)

  • 36 Sheets Body Tape High Quality (PACK OF 1)
  • The Bra sticky label adhesive is a transparent double-aspect tape that does now not veil your pores and skin pure color providing a discreet, comfortable and pores and skin sterling formula to withhold your attire and tool completely in teach.
  • The bra stickers are immense for deep tumble clothing, delivery-sided dresses, wrap-model tops gaps between buttons tube tops for securing your clothing between skins.
  • Deep tumble clothing, Originate-sided dresses, Shirt gaps between buttons, Tube tops and halters, and loads others.
  • Very top for hemming and other emergency vogue repairs with out a stitching or pins predominant.

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